If not responsive, then what?

With much of the industry behind responsive web design, and the likes of UK Government and Google considering it best practice, it’s what I would consider an established norm.

But I’m realistic. The web moves at a fast pace, and there is such thing as a fad. Even still, I believe that the core of the web will still lie with responsive web design and its key principles. Responsive might not be the final destination, but I believe it’s the right path.

But even though responsive has been a thing for a solid 3 years, there’s still some that aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid. Every so often, someone posts an article ranting and poking holes in responsive web design. But if you look in the comments, it doesn’t take long for the responsive veterans to patch those holes. In my experience at least, these articles have always been rather short-sighted and written, quite obviously, by people who aren’t meeting the challenges of responsive web design on a daily basis. What I see less (or not at all) is viable suggestions of an alternative to responsive web design.

So, if you don’t like or use responsive web design…the comments are open. No hostility, no ganging up, no handbags at ten paces. I’m simply curious and open-minded to what you’re using in place of responsive web design.