Cards Against Humanity

Why I think the popular game – Cards Against Humanity – isn’t very good.

Forza 5: The Future of Gaming?

With micro-transactions bleeding into a triple-A title like Forza 5, could this mark the beginning of a slippery slope for gaming?

If not responsive, then what?

As a developer so heavily invested in responsive web design, I’m throwing an open invitation for suggestions to alternatives to responsive web design.

The ‘6 minute block’

After a conversation with a friend, I speculate how the ‘6 minute block’ method used by law firms could prove to be a better way of charging clients.

Adaptive ≠ Responsive

So many people are getting mixed up between responsive and adaptive, it’s high time someone demonstrated the difference. As I explore the key difference between the two, I also point out why adaptive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A Crash Course in RWD

A quick but thorough run-through of the history and core principles of responsive web design; including links to helpful tools and industry insights.

Responsive Day Out

My review of Clearleft’s “Responsive Day Out”; a new 1-day conference in Brighton packed with quick-fire speaking slots and Q+A sessions.

SummitAwesome Hackathon ’13

Reflecting back SummitAwesome’s second hackathon event; this time set at TechHub Manchester and with 20+ attendees.

Dated Social Branding

A quick plea to creatives, to help eradicate dated social branding from our websites, flyers and TV adverts.

Web Font Basics

A quick run-down of the common web font mistakes that trip up designers that are relatively new to the profession