Cards Against Humanity

Why I think the popular game – Cards Against Humanity – isn’t very good.

Forza 5: The Future of Gaming?

With micro-transactions bleeding into a triple-A title like Forza 5, could this mark the beginning of a slippery slope for gaming?

If not responsive, then what?

As a developer so heavily invested in responsive web design, I’m throwing an open invitation for suggestions to alternatives to responsive web design.

The ‘6 minute block’

After a conversation with a friend, I speculate how the ‘6 minute block’ method used by law firms could prove to be a better way of charging clients.

Adaptive ≠ Responsive

So many people are getting mixed up between responsive and adaptive, it’s high time someone demonstrated the difference. As I explore the key difference between the two, I also point out why adaptive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A Crash Course in RWD

A quick but thorough run-through of the history and core principles of responsive web design; including links to helpful tools and industry insights.

Responsive Day Out

My review of Clearleft’s “Responsive Day Out”; a new 1-day conference in Brighton packed with quick-fire speaking slots and Q+A sessions.

SummitAwesome Hackathon ’13

Reflecting back SummitAwesome’s second hackathon event; this time set at TechHub Manchester and with 20+ attendees.

Dated Social Branding

A quick plea to creatives, to help eradicate dated social branding from our websites, flyers and TV adverts.

Web Font Basics

A quick run-down of the common web font mistakes that trip up designers that are relatively new to the profession

SummitAwesome Hackathon ’12

Reflecting back on the high’s and lows of SummitAwesome‘s very first hackathon; a 24-hour building session set in Birmingham’s Science Park.

Dead Island

My in-depth review on the hit game Dead Island, exploring everything from storyline, characters, graphics and gameplay.

2.8 Hours Later – Leeds ’12

A thorough review of 2.8 Hours Later, a zombie chase game run annually around the UK, organised by Slingshot

CSS Preprocessors: A Review

A quick run-through of some of the of features found in LESS and Sass, explaining how I use them and how they help me.

CSS Off 2011

Just in case you didn’t know, CSS Off is an annual competition presented by unmatchedstyle, which allows front-end developers from around the world to publicly flex their coding muscles. All entrants are supplied with the same design and given 14 days to return with their submission. Entries are marked out of 100, broken down into […]

Stop creating things for the sake of having something to release

Although I’m pretty certain that it happens in other circles too, I first noticed this on Forrst…People are addicted to creating and sharing things It seems like with every minute that passes, there’s some designer or developer thrusting their creation upon the world. I would like to think that it’s underpinned by a genuine urge […]

Web Development Tools

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